Modalities of Treatment

At the Discover Center we believe different people respond to different modalities of therapy. We believe this is why many patients might have failed in previous treatment. They simply haven't found the modality of treatment they are most responsive to. We see our job as a team to be able to have expertise in many therapeutic modalities so we can fit and accentuate the patience experience with the modality they respond to the most.


Our Approach

We are often asked "Why choose The Discover Center and what makes you different." Hear Rod Andrus briefly describe some key components that we believe are essential in the change process. These include the art of the therapeutic alliance; a safe and predictable environment; experienced staff, and a continuum of care. The Discover Center implements these concepts in a way that assists their patients to both internalize and generalize change.

What To Expect

What You Can Expect

Making a Decision. The process of selecting a program can be difficult, challenging and even frustrating. Focusing on a few key elements can help you make a more informed and empowered decision. Once that decision is made, a few suggestions on what to expect in your first few days and weeks working with Discover.



At Discover, we understand what a challenge the entire process can be on individuals and their loved ones. We do everything in our power to minimize these challenges and offer support—not just in the therapy, but also helping to eliminate any issues regarding payment, financing and insurance.


When we connect, there are countless possibilities.

Connections are made when we are truly seeing, hearing, and nurturing without judgement. Attending to this need informs and enlivens therapy, inviting something different. We extend ways to heal and become whole, founded on connection.

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